Ticket price: €1

Number Matrix: 6/39

Draws: Daily

Prize Tiers: Seven

First Draw: 9th September 2012

Largest Jackpot: €1 million

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Prize Tier Payout
Match 3 win €3
Match 3 + Bonus win €10
Match 4 win €25
Match 4 + Bonus win €100
Match 5 win €500
Match 5 + Bonus win €10,000
Jackpot win or share €1,000,000

Odds of Winning:

Prize Tier Odds
Match 3 1 in 33
Match 3 + Bonus 1 in 329
Match 4 1 in 439
Match 4 + Bonus 1 in 6,797
Match 5 1 in 16,993
Match 5 + Bonus 1 in 543,771
Jackpot 1 in 3,262,623

Overall odds of winning 54 to 1


The Daily Million, as the name suggests, is a daily draw taking place seven days a week. The results are announced daily on Irish television channel TV3 at approximately 8.28pm every evening, announced on the Irish Lottery website a little later.

Prizes are fixed on the Irish Daily Million so there’s no worry about checking prize breakdowns. If you win a prize in the draw you will collect one of the fixed prizes above ranging from between €3 and €1,00,000.

If you miss the show we aim to bring you the results in a weekly round up in our Lottery News section on a Sunday.

Keeping track of the Daily Million results is important particularly if you play every day. Irish players also have the Irish Lottery and Euro Millions draws to take part in too and with those and seven Daily Million draws it’s a lot to keep track of with several lots of different results announced each night.

How to Play:

The Daily Million plays using a traditional number matrix with six balls and a Bonus Ball. The ball pool ranges from 1 to 39 and these numbers will make up your lottery selection.

To play the Daily Million you must choose six numbers between 1 and 39 inclusive and those six numbers make up your lottery line, or ticket. When the Daily Million draw takes place at 8.30pm seven numbers will be drawn. The first six balls are the main balls from the draw and the seventh ball is a Bonus Ball making up the other prize tiers.

To win the jackpot you must match all six numbers on your lottery ticket to the first six ‘main’ balls draw. There are seven prize tiers in total so if you’ve matched three or more numbers, with or without the Bonus Ball in the draw, then you have won a cash prize.

All Daily Million prizes are fixed so you always know what you will win depending on how many of the numbers you match. Prizes in the draw range from €3 to €1 million for the daily jackpot. There are no rollovers in the Daily Million.

For an extra 50c per panel played you can participate in the Daily Million Plus game, an extra draw that works in the same way as Daily Million but has lower prize amounts on offer.

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts for Daily Million Plus:

Prize Tier Payout
Match 3 win €2 scratchcard
Match 3 + Bonus win €5
Match 4 win €15
Match 4 + Bonus win €50
Match 5 win €250
Match 5 + Bonus win €5,000
Jackpot win or share €500,000

General Information:

The Daily Million was introduced in September 2012 to replace the Monday Million and All or Nothing games. Although the new draw made the Monday Million defunct it was more an extension than a cancellation taking the Monday draw to a seven day a week draw and renaming it.

The first ever draw on 11th September 2012 produced a single winner getting this lottery off to a fantastic start and the first ever millionaire from the draw was a player from Dublin.

The draw doesn’t produce a jackpot winner every draw but each of the results does provide quite a few winners throughout the lower prize tiers and running alongside the draw is the Daily Million Plus and that gives players another chance to win each draw.

With the lottery running on a 1/39 matrix the draw offers generous odds compared to other lottery games. The Daily Million provides the best odds in Ireland of becoming an instant millionaire.

Claim Period:

As with all the lottery draws that take place in Ireland players with winning tickets for the Daily Million have just 90 days to claim their prize, that’s just three months so it’s not advised to mislay lottery tickets and check the results as soon as possible. All prizes unclaimed within the 90-day period go to Irish Good Causes to help various charities and chosen worthy causes.

In this modern world it’s recommended that you purchase your Daily Million tickets online so you don’t have to worry about losing them. However, they are available to purchase at all lottery retailers within Ireland so you can buy lottery tickets at many shops and supermarkets.

If you are buying paper tickets, An Post (the lottery organisers) recommend you sign the back of your ticket upon purchase, keep it in a safe place and check the Daily Million results straight after the draw.

Smaller winnings can be paid out over the counter at lottery retailers around Ireland and for bigger wins the lottery hotline will let you know exactly what you need to do to claim your Daily Million prize. Online winnings are paid automatically to the winner, making things much easier and more convenient for the lottery player.