Ticket price: £2 in the UK, including Millionaire Raffle, €2 across Europe

Number Matrix: 5/50 Plus Two Lucky Stars between 1 and 11

Draws: Tuesday and Friday

Prize Tiers: Thirteen

First Draw: 13th February 2004

Largest Jackpot: 12th July 2011 - £161 million won by Colin and Christine Weir

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Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Main Numbers Lucky Stars Percentage of Prize Fund
2 0 18%
2 1 17.6%
1 2 6.5%
3 0 3.7%
3 1 2.2%
2 2 2.3%
3 2 0.5%
4 0 0.7%
4 1 0.7%
4 2 0.8%
5 0 1.6%
5 1 4.8%
5 2 32%

Odds of Winning:

Main Numbers Lucky Stars Odds of winning
2 0 1 in 23
2 1 1 in 46
1 2 1 in 156
3 0 1 in 327
3 1 1 in 654
2 2 1 in 821
3 2 1 in 11,771
4 0 1 in 14,387
4 1 1 in 28,773
4 2 1 in 517,919
5 0 1 in 3,236,994
5 1 1 in 6,473,989
5 2 1 in 116,531,800

Overall odds 1 in 13


When the Euro Millions first launched in February 2004 there was just one draw a week, on a Friday but in May 2011 a second draw was launched for Tuesdays. While the National Lottery draw is televised and gets a prime slot on television each week, the European lottery doesn’t fare so well for coverage. The Tuesday Euro Millions draw is not televised at all in the UK and the Friday results can appear any time after 10.30pm and often as late as 11.30pm on BBC1. The draw takes place in Paris at 9pm CET on both days.

We watch the Paris draws live bringing you the Euro Millions main draw results at around 8.30pm UK time. The Irish Euro Millions Plus results are available from around 9pm with the Euro prize breakdowns available shortly after at around 9.30pm. The UK Millionaire Raffle results and GBP prize breakdowns are available at around 10.30pm for each draw although times are variable.

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How to Play:

Unlike many lottery draws the Euro Millions uses two ball pools, giving two separate sets of numbers. One line of lottery numbers is made up of five main numbers from 1 to 50 inclusive and another two Lucky Star selections, from 1 to 11 inclusive. Numbers from the first selection can be repeated in the second section due to the second ball pool. To win the Euro Millions jackpot players need to match all five main balls and the two Lucky Stars to those drawn.

Odds of winning the jackpot are long but tell that to the many millionaires who have been created along the way. Thankfully, with thirteen prize tiers, overall odds of winning are far more generous and you could pick up some cash on the lower tiers.

If you’re playing in the UK, then the Millionaire Raffle also increases your chances of becoming a millionaire and this selection is included in your lottery ticket so there’s no need for you to do anything. With every line of Euro Millions numbers sold in the UK, a Millionaire Raffle number is created automatically and is included in the ticket price. Each draw one player is guaranteed to win the Raffle, creating a UK millionaire with every single game.

General Information:

The Euro Millions, as the name suggests, is played across Europe in several countries. Originally the lottery was a collaboration between the UK, Spain and France, but within a few months Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland and Switzerland has also joined giving us the countries that participate to this day.

The Euro Millions has a jackpot cap at €190 million currently, although this rule has changed many times since the launch of the lottery. The jackpot cap has been reached twice since its addition to the rules and both times the jackpots were won in the UK. The Weirs gave us the UK’s biggest ever lottery win at £161 million in July 2011 when the cap was at €185 million. At this point the rules for this lottery game stated that €5 million would be added to the cap until a rule change in February 2012 limited the addition of the €5 million each time the cap was reached.

The exchange rate worked against the Bayford family who collected just £148 million from a €190 million win in August 2012. Although it hasn’t yet happened, if no one wins the jackpot capped Euro Millions on the second draw with the jackpot at this amount, the €190 million rolls down to the next winning prize tier.

This pan-European Lottery also holds regular Super draws where players can compete for guaranteed prize payouts, often €100 million. Not to be left out, Millionaire Super Raffles are also held regularly in the UK, giving more players the chance to win the £1 million Millionaire Raffle prize.

In July 2012 the UK operators offered just such a Super draw for the Millionaire Raffle and created 100 Millionaires in one night.

Claim Period:

If you purchase Euro Millions tickets in your local store then it’s recommended that you sign the back of your lottery ticket as soon as possible following your purchase. As with all lottery draws in the UK, Euro Millions winners have 180 days to claim their prize.

Smaller prizes can be collected in the shop where you bought your lottery ticket but prizes of up to £50,000 can be collected upon arrangement at a National Lottery Post Office. For winnings worth more than £50,000, lottery players must contact the National Lottery hotline to arrange a representative to award the prize.

Because of the unique nature of the Millionaire Raffle, UK players are encouraged by lottery organisers to buy their tickets online. Millionaire Raffle prizes often go unclaimed but buying tickets from the National Lottery website means that lottery players don’t ever have to worry about an unclaimed prize. If players forget to check the Euro Millions results then they will receive an email from lottery organisers telling them about any winnings. What’s more lottery players can transfer said winnings to their bank account in a couple of clicks of the mouse.

All Euro Millions prizes that are unclaimed within 180 days are handed over to Good Causes, in their respective countries.