Ticket price: £1

Number Matrix: 5/50

Draws: Saturday

Prize Tiers: Three

First Draw: 8th October 2011

Largest Jackpot: £250,000 on 21st January 2012

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If you're looking to check your ticket for a win then you can use our Health lottery checker, just plug in your numbers and it'll tell you how much you've won - if you're lucky that is!

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Match Payout
Match 3 balls £20
Match 4 balls £250
Match 5 balls £100,000

Odds of Winning:

Balls Matched Odds of winning
Match 3 balls 1 in 214
Match 4 balls 1 in 9,417
Match 5 balls 1 in 2,118,760

Odds of winning any prize 1 in 209.24


The Health Lottery draw takes place just once a week on Saturday evening and, while the televised show is part of the prime time schedule, it’s up against a lot of prime time shows on the other channels and it doesn’t have a set draw time. The draw takes place in the ad break on Channel 5, some time between 9.30pm and 10pm and is on for just a couple of minutes, meaning lots of people miss the show.

If you have other plans for your viewing schedule on a Saturday night you can always check the Health Lottery results with us as we never miss the show, you can guarantee they’ll appear on our results page a few seconds after the draw, every Saturday night.

If you don’t match any numbers in the Health Lottery draw, don’t throw your numbers away, as, if there is no jackpot winner, there is a Hot Ticket draw where the serial number on your lottery ticket could give you the second chance to win a big prize. This is subject to change with little or no notification though as we have found with other promotional extras from this lottery that have included the Second Chance Guaranteed Jackpot and Magic Mondays in the past.

Prizes are set for the Health Lottery so you always know how much you’ll win, negating the need to check back for the prize breakdowns in the draw and, as Health Lottery jackpots aren’t shared, you’ll win the top prize no matter how many other players match all of the winning numbers.

How to Play:

Like other UK lottery draws, the Health Lottery is available to play online or in store and, just like the other draws, we recommend playing online for safety, convenience and security.

To play in the Health Lottery draw you must choose five numbers between 1 and 50 inclusive. These numbers make up one line, with each line of lottery numbers costing £1 to buy.

When the Health Lottery draw takes place on a Saturday evening, five numbers are drawn. To win the Health Lottery jackpot you must match all five numbers in the draw to your chosen selection, plus there are also lower fixed prizes for matching four or three balls.

The Health Lottery also includes Hot Ticket Raffle prizes that use the raffle number. This is the serial number of your lottery ticket, to determine winners. This means you have nothing to select, your Hot Ticket raffle number will be created automatically when you buy your tickets, and it will be either printed on your paper ticket or stored electronically. The Hot Ticket Raffle gives players an extra chance to win £100,000 or other prizes such as new cars, holidays and gift vouchers, making this number just as important as your Health Lottery selections and making the results just as important to check too.

General Information:

The Health Lottery is the first non-nationalised lottery draw in the UK and and its launch created much controversy. To get around the National Lottery rules the Health Lottery was created as 51 separate regional lottery draws, each one representing a different area of the UK. This said, there is only one set of numbers drawn and so, to all intents and purposes, the draw is a nationwide but private lottery draw.

Health Lottery prizes are fixed but they have been amended since the launch of the draw. At the launch, the prizes for matching three and four numbers were £50 and £500 respectively but these prizes were reduced to £20 and £250 within a year of the launch of the lottery draw.

The Health Lottery has its own form of good causes and it hands over 20p from every £1 lottery ticket sold to various health charities and causes in the UK. For each draw a different region is chosen and one health charity or organisation from that region receives all the good causes money for that week.

Health Lottery jackpots aren’t shared, so each player collects the entire £100,000 even if there is more than one winner (although there is an exception to this, in exceptional circumstances). The company also holds Superdraws with inflated jackpots. Notable winners have included a £250,000 Superdraw winner on 21st January 2012, and at least one notable winner has come about from a player accidentally purchasing more tickets with the same numbers on the lottery.

Claim Period:

If you play the Health Lottery online, which is probably the best way to do so, then you don’t have to worry too much about checking the results as it’s all pretty much automatic. However, if you still prefer to get your hands on real lottery tickets then you’ll need to pay attention to the Health Lottery results.

Once you’ve checked the results and confirmed that you are indeed holding a winning ticket, you need to claim your prize. Health Lottery officials give players 180 days to claim but we don’t recommend you leave it that long if you can help it.

For tickets matching three main balls, players can just pop into their local retailer and collect the prize. For bigger Health Lottery prizes players will need to call the claim line and send off a claim form, unless they play online, which makes the entire process a whole lot easier. The claim line is contactable on 0844 375 55 55. Remember to have your ticket handy to give the details over the phone and receive your Health Lottery claim information.