Ticket price: €3 for two lines

Number Matrix: 6/45

Draws: Wednesday and Saturday

Prize Tiers: Seven

First Draw: 16th April 1988

Largest Jackpot: 28th June 2008 - €18,963,441 won by one ticket bought by a lottery syndicate

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Balls Matched Estimated win percentage
3 balls 13.28% (fixed €5 prize)
3 balls + Bonus 5.53%
4 balls 8.3%
4 balls + Bonus 1.35%
5 balls 5.38%
5 balls + Bonus 2.36% (fixed €25,000 prize)
Jackpot 46.15%

Odds of Winning:

Balls Matched Odds of winning
3 balls 1 in 48
3 balls + Bonus 1 in 579
4 balls 1 in 772
4 balls + Bonus 1 in 14,290
5 balls 1 in 35,724
5 balls + Bonus 1 in 1,357,510
Jackpot 1 in 8,145060


The Irish Lottery draw is televised in Ireland as part of a game show by Radio Telefís Éireann and it has been since the game’s launch. The results come in every Wednesday and Saturday evening a little after 8pm. The televised draw is popular but the Irish Lottery is also popular with players outside Ireland but international players cannot watch the televised draw.

We watch the draw and we will bring you the full results of each draw within seconds of the numbers being announced on our lottery results page so you can check the winning numbers, no matter where you are.

If you have any old tickets you can easily check past Irish Lottery numbers too with our results checker that offers past and present lottery numbers and results.

The draw times in Ireland rarely waver and the winning numbers are announced at the same time each draw making the lottery easy to keep track of and the winning numbers easy to keep up with.

A Bonus Ball means that there are many chances to win throughout the prize tiers of the Irish Lottery so it’s worth checking those results carefully after each draw as, even if you miss out on the top prize, there are six other prizes and many of these incorporate the Bonus Ball too.

How to Play:

The matrix of the Irish Lottery has changed many times since the launch of the game. It was originally a 1 in 36 game but in 2006, after several changes, it finally became the 1 in 45 game we know today.

To take part in the Irish Lottery players need to choose six numbers from 1 to 45 inclusively. Each line of numbers makes up one lottery line with players needing to match all six balls chosen to the six main balls drawn during the Irish Lottery draw to win the jackpot. Within Ireland players must purchase a minimum of two lines to take part in the Irish Lottery and the ticket price includes both lines of lottery selections.

In the Irish Lottery draw seven balls are selected. The first six balls drawn are the main balls and the seventh ball drawn is the Bonus Ball. There are, in total, seven prize tiers for the lottery and many of these incorporate the Bonus Ball. If you’ve matched anything from three balls upwards in the draw then you have won an Irish Lottery prize worth at least €5.

Both the Match 3 prize and the Match 5 + Bonus prize in the Irish Lottery draw are fixed. All other prizes are paid as a percentage of the prize pool.

General Information:

Although the Irish Lottery has gone through many changes since its launch and the matrix has changed several times too, even with the 45 balls used today, the Irish Lottery has some of the best odds in the world of a jackpot win.

Irish Lottery jackpots start at a base of €2 million and that amount is guaranteed, no matter what the ticket sales are for the draw. Celebratory and special draws and rollovers often give inflated jackpots with the highest jackpot ever won on the lottery standing at over €18 million.

Probably the most notable winner since the launch of the Irish Lottery, and the one that led to the first rule change in the number matrix, was a lottery syndicate run by Stefen Klincewicz. In 1992 he realised that with the 1/36 matrix, if his syndicate bought enough tickets they would be guaranteed a jackpot win and a profit. He was correct and they did indeed win the jackpot although it was shared and they did not win back everything they spent on lottery tickets. After this much-publicised incident, the Irish Lottery rules were changed to a 1/39 matrix but it has been changed twice again since then.

An Post has run the Irish Lottery since its launch.

Claim Period:

The Irish Lottery insists all prizes are claimed within 90 days, that’s just three months, so players really do need to be on the ball. Within Ireland prizes up to €150 can be claimed at any lottery agent but agents may pay prizes of higher amounts at their discretion. For prizes over €15,000 you must contact the claim line at An Post to arrange the prize to be paid to you. If you buy paper tickets, the Irish Lottery recommends that you sign the back of your ticket upon purchase.

If you play the Irish Lottery online you don’t need to worry too much as arrangements will be made to transfer any winnings directly to your bank account, making it the easiest and most convenient way to play.

Unclaimed Irish Lottery prizes are handed over to the Good Causes Fund in Ireland and they are distributed to many of the organisations that the Irish Lottery helps every week.

The largest unclaimed Irish Lottery jackpot winning ticket was worth €3,445,934 and was sold for the 30th July 2001 draw. The ticket was sold in Coolock, Dublin but no one came forward by the 26th September 2001 deadline and so the prize was handed to Good Causes.