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Lotto Hot Picks Historical Result Checker
This is a fun tool that we created as an extra bonus for players. If you enter your numbers below we will check them against all past Lotto draws and tell you how much you would have won if you had entered those numbers for each draw since Lotto Hot Picks first began.

Lotto Hot Picks Ticket Checker

The Lotto HotPicks is a twice-weekly draw and one of many lotteries you can take part in each week. With all of these draws, keeping up with the results can be difficult but our Lotto HotPicks checker makes it as easy as possible.

Lotto Hot Pick numbers are available online just moments after the draw has taken place meaning that you can use our checker almost instantly to see if you have a winning ticket. Unfortunately the prize breakdowns are not available so quickly after a draw so there may be a little delay before the draw and the prize breakdown being available.

To use the checker, first select how many numbers you have on your Lotto HotPicks ticket. Then enter your number or numbers from your HotPicks ticket into the results checker below. Select the date on your ticket, and then click the check button to instantly see if your ticket is a winner. You will also see the full results for each draw, and details and prizes.

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