What ever lottery you buy a ticket for, whether it is the EuroMillions or the National Lottery or an alternative somewhere else in the world, the most exciting part of it is the lottery draw, all that anticipation, hoping beyond hope that you have finally managed to buy that all important winning ticket. The excitement building to a crescendo and then if you are unlucky the ultimate anti-climax of not winning this time, or if you are lucky the elation and thrill at the prospect of collecting your massive £10 win!

The UK’s National Lottery has its home at BBC one, and each week the televised lotto draw is carried out on both a Wednesday and Saturday, with the Euromillions lottery draw being carried out on a Friday. These shows feature the live lottery draw actually taking place, allowing for viewers to see for themselves that the lotto draw is above board, the honesty of the broadcast is upheld by the narrative of the presenters who assure the viewers of the selection of a random machine and a random selected set of balls by an independent member of the public.

The continued and growing success of lotteries has got to be attributed in part to the live television draws, this marketing genius ensures the continued promotion of the lottery draw, providing not only a constant source of advertising for the draws themselves (in a clever guise of a public service to provide the results) but also they facilitate the build up of tension for the much anticipated lotto draw results. This self-perpetuation ensures week after week that the nation not only purchase their tickets for the next lottery draw but also tune in again to watch the next live draw take place.