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Many lottery draws make many winners, and many winners make plenty of lottery news, which is what we aim to bring you on these pages. There is hardly a week goes by without a news story about a big winner, good causes and unclaimed prizes and you can catch up on all the big stories here on our news pages. It is little wonder there’s so much news, with so many different lottery games being played each week. From the flagship Lotto and big Euro Millions draw to the smaller side draws like Lotto Plus 5 and Thunderball, there is news breaking every day and you can catch up with it all here.

Here you can keep track of all the upcoming rollovers and big draws and you can make sure you know what’s happening in the next few draws so you don’t miss any impressive jackpots. There’s also news about unclaimed prizes to keep track of too and we’ll often bring you reminders of prizes about to expire and winners who have not come forward to claim. When new games are launched and if the rules of any lottery change, we’ll bring you all of the details.

One of the things that make UK lotteries so special is the way the Good Causes Funds work. However, often players miss out on news and information about where their money goes and how it is donated. That’s why we aim to also bring you all the latest news covering deserving recipients in the charity field too, and the worthy projects funded by you, the lottery player.

Another massive UK Euromillions lottery win

by Claudine March, 29 Mar 2010 0:00

EuromillionsThere is yet another big UK Euromillions lottery winner, and now the third largest on a ticket purchased in the UK.  The Euromillions winning ticket has a £39.7 million jackpot payout attached to it and as yet no one knows who the winner or winners might be – although the National Lottery HQ Camelot have announced that the winner/s have contacted them and  the claim is currently being verified.  Should the claim be legitimate then the very lucky lottery winner or winners could in effect have the money in their own bank by Monday morning.

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Massive £3.6 million lottery ticket remains unclaimed and clock ticking

by Claudine March, 17 Mar 2010 2:02

National LotteryA Massive £3.6m National lottery jackpot is about to remain unclaimed as there are only five days left before the deadline to claim the massive lottery win.  Check your purses, wallets, back of the sofa, husbands special hiding places because literally ‘it could be you’!  The massive lottery jackpot was officially won in September last year, however no one ever came forward to claim the lotto win and if they don’t do so very soon then the whole amount will go to the lottery good causes fund, leaving one lotto multi millionaire some what poorer.

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Tell Peoples’ Millions where you think lottery money should go

by Claudine March, 16 Mar 2010 2:02

Big Lottery FundThe People’s Millions 2010 will be providing lottery funding of up to £50,000 taken from the BIG (Big Lottery Fund) to help 75 worthy causes that have been voted for by the general public.  The £3.8m worth of awards will be allocated -subject to sufficient votes being received - to local community projects that have been shortlisted by the People’s Millions and the Big Lottery Fund partnership.

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Never too late to have a massive lottery win

by Claudine February, 28 Feb 2010 16:16

Nguyen Van Het & wifeNever give up hope of a big lottery win, as a news story of a 97 year old lottery winner last week proved that it is never too late to be a massive lottery winner.  The lucky winner Nguyen Van Het from Vietnam is 97 years old and has won 7.6 billion dong which equates to about £260,000, which in Vietnam is an absolute fortune.  Het was able to purchase 6 Tay Ninh Province lottery tickets with money given to him by a neighbour as a present called ‘Lucky Money’ in celebration of the Lunar New Year or Tet.

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Body of £20million lottery winner found buried under concrete slab

by Claudine February, 20 Feb 2010 21:21

Dorice A £20million American lottery winner who has been missing for nine months was recently found buried under a concrete slab, the apparent victim of a callous shooting.  Abraham Shakespeare went missing without trace last year but family did not report him missing immediately because they believed he had gone on a jaunt to the Caribbean.  A tropical destination was sadly not where Mr Shakespeare ended up, instead his badly decomposed remains were found under the slab in the grounds of a home belonging to a boyfriend of a close female friend.

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National Lottery reveal Euromillions £56k Lottery winners

by Claudine February, 15 Feb 2010 18:18

Euromillions lotteryThe big Euromillions lottery winners have just had their identities unveiled by the National Lottery HQ Camelot, the extremely lucky couple Nigel Page and Justine Laycock from Cirencester, Gloucestershire have just scooped a £56 million win making them the biggest lottery winners in the UK.  Mr Page was clearly experiencing a run of good luck as he had already won £55 with a lotto ticket, then when he logged on to his National lottery account on Saturday morning to check the Euromillions lottery result he found that he had won half the massive £113 million Euromillions jackpot too.

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National Lottery and the 2012 Olympics

by Claudine February, 9 Feb 2010 0:00

National LotteryMany National Lottery players may not be aware that when they take part in the weekly lottery games - whether online lottery or tickets purchased instore - that they will be helping the creation of five of the UK’s sporting venues that will be used in the 2012 Olympics.  In fact an amazing £2.2 billion will be raised by National Lottery ticket sales, and £750 million will be directly from special National Lottery 2012 games.

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76 year old cabbie named as £26m Euromillions lottery winner

by Claudine January, 26 Jan 2010 2:02

George Sturt & familyNews of the British Euromillions £26.1m lottery winner have now been announced and Lotto Hideout can reveal that George Sturt aged 76 from Dorking in Surrey is the lucky winner.  George who refuses - even in spite of his big win – to give up his day job as a taxi driver because he enjoys the job so much -shares the win with his three children, Gary, Colin and Teresa.  Widower Mr Sturt plans to give a lot of his share of the cash to charitable causes including cancer research as his wife Maureen sadly died 6 months ago after battling with cancer.

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Staff at Lotto Hideout are all moving to lucky Ilford!

by Claudine January, 26 Jan 2010 0:00

National LotteryEstate agents in Ilford must be doing a roaring trade with prospective new residents who are looking to win the lottery?  The reason for a possible interest in a move to Ilford in Essex is because according to the National Lottery players with the IG postcode are more likely to win big than any other area in the UK.  The results of the latest poll carried out by the National Lottery highlights how lucky the residents of Ilford have been in the National Lottery since the last results were released in 2006. One in 6,722 of tickets sold to Ilford resident result in a major lotto, lottery or scratchcard jackpot win, the national average however is one ticket in 7,366 ticket sales ending in a big win.

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Euromillions £26m lottery winner is UK resident

by Claudine January, 18 Jan 2010 1:01

Euromillions winnerThe lucky Euromillions numbers called on Friday made one UK resident £26 million richer.  The huge Euromillions jackpot prize is in fact split between a lottery player in France and the British player, and this magnificent lottery win is the fourth largest in UK lottery history.  The numbers on Friday were 11, 26, 29, 49, 50 and as yet the lucky winner is unknown.  The National Lottery spokesperson said of the massive Euromillions win "We are delighted to have another huge Euromillions winner here in the UK, following so closely to last November's record breaking jackpot winners”.
"We have plenty of champagne on ice and look forward to welcoming the ticket holder into the millionaires' club.

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