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Many lottery draws make many winners, and many winners make plenty of lottery news, which is what we aim to bring you on these pages. There is hardly a week goes by without a news story about a big winner, good causes and unclaimed prizes and you can catch up on all the big stories here on our news pages. It is little wonder there’s so much news, with so many different lottery games being played each week. From the flagship Lotto and big Euro Millions draw to the smaller side draws like Lotto Plus 5 and Thunderball, there is news breaking every day and you can catch up with it all here.

Here you can keep track of all the upcoming rollovers and big draws and you can make sure you know what’s happening in the next few draws so you don’t miss any impressive jackpots. There’s also news about unclaimed prizes to keep track of too and we’ll often bring you reminders of prizes about to expire and winners who have not come forward to claim. When new games are launched and if the rules of any lottery change, we’ll bring you all of the details.

One of the things that make UK lotteries so special is the way the Good Causes Funds work. However, often players miss out on news and information about where their money goes and how it is donated. That’s why we aim to also bring you all the latest news covering deserving recipients in the charity field too, and the worthy projects funded by you, the lottery player.

Investing Your Winnings

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 27 Jun 2009 12:12

A recent lotto winner told reporters that he planned to invest his $25 million win on the EuroMillions in carrots! This lucky 74-year-old farmer has plans to hire a carrot growing expert to get him started.  

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Social Workers Scoop £2.39 million

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 25 Jun 2009 12:12

At Bedfordshire Council there are nine ecstatic social workers who, after playing the National Lottery as a syndicate, scooped a fantastic jackpot prize of £2.39 million.  The top lottery prize on Saturday 13th June was worth £4.78 million, but another lucky lottery player in Bolton also came up with the winning lottery numbers.  The prize was equally divided between the two corresponding tickets.  The social worker syndicate has coined their name as the ‘The Cozy Club Syndicate’ and with £2.39 million winging its way to them they are feeling warm and cozy now!

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Bolton Lottery Magic

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 24 Jun 2009 15:15

Bolton is overflowing with lottery magic if the recent lottery results are taken into account. Recently Mr. Brian Caswell was reported to have won £25 million of the EuroMillions jackpot. Now there is another Bolton based Brian who has cashed in on a lottery prize. Mr. Brian Merga and Susan, his wife, have won a fantastic £68,000 from the Lotto draw that took place on 10th June 2009.

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Lost Lottery Ticket

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 23 Jun 2009 8:08

A National Lottery player called Dermot Finglas from Ireland has been given the all clear to receive a €350,000 cash prize after initially being told he would have to leave the National Lottery HQ without anything. Previously, Mr Finglas was told that the lottery organisers needed time to clarify the claim. Luckily for Mr Finglas these questions have been answered and now he is the lucky winner of €350,000.

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One Lucky US Winner of $232 million

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 22 Jun 2009 11:11

In the States, last month, there was a very lucky lotto winner who won the Powerball draw, which was one of the largest jackpots in lottery history!

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Dreaming of Winning the Lottery?

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 19 Jun 2009 9:09

Many people experience lottery jackpot dreams. These are dreams where we dream of winning one of the top lottery jackpot prizes. These dreams are often detailed and vivid, often detailing the lead up to winning the prize such as where the ticket was bought. For example you might dream of buying a lottery ticket online and also remember the numbers you chose.

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The EuroMillions lottery

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 18 Jun 2009 10:10

The EuroMillions £50 million jackpot was part won by a British lottery player last Friday 12th June 2009. The massive prize was fifty percent of the total jackpot at £24,951,269. The remaining half of the top jackpot was won by a ticket bought in Ireland so this corner of the globe was well and truly struck by winner’s luck this weekend.

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Jackpot for UK Lotto Won Last Week

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 17 Jun 2009 13:13

The UK Lotto top prize was won last Saturday, 13th June 2009.  The jackpot was set at a massive £4,781,662 and two lucky lottery players will be celebrating as they picked six matching main numbers making their prize £2,390,831 each.

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Big Lottery Fund Announces Village SOS Scheme

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 16 Jun 2009 10:10

The Big Lottery Fund is working in conjunction with the BBC and has announced a new Village SOS project. This new scheme will provide funds to support the regeneration of six villages across the country. Villages are invited to submit proposals for business projects that could be support by UK lottery funding.

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Missing $1 Million Lottery Ticket

by Lotto Hideout Editor June, 15 Jun 2009 12:12

In the United States the newly launched scratch card called NH Millionaire’s Club has sold a staggering ninety three percent of tickets in the first month.  However lottery officials have announced that a $1 million lotto ticket has gone missing!

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