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Many lottery draws make many winners, and many winners make plenty of lottery news, which is what we aim to bring you on these pages. There is hardly a week goes by without a news story about a big winner, good causes and unclaimed prizes and you can catch up on all the big stories here on our news pages. It is little wonder there’s so much news, with so many different lottery games being played each week. From the flagship Lotto and big Euro Millions draw to the smaller side draws like Lotto Plus 5 and Thunderball, there is news breaking every day and you can catch up with it all here.

Here you can keep track of all the upcoming rollovers and big draws and you can make sure you know what’s happening in the next few draws so you don’t miss any impressive jackpots. There’s also news about unclaimed prizes to keep track of too and we’ll often bring you reminders of prizes about to expire and winners who have not come forward to claim. When new games are launched and if the rules of any lottery change, we’ll bring you all of the details.

One of the things that make UK lotteries so special is the way the Good Causes Funds work. However, often players miss out on news and information about where their money goes and how it is donated. That’s why we aim to also bring you all the latest news covering deserving recipients in the charity field too, and the worthy projects funded by you, the lottery player.

Euromillions Jackpot WILL Be Won on Friday

by Charlotte Widmore August, 7 Aug 2012 23:23

The Euromillions results last night revealed the 14th consecutive rollover for this lottery game but whilst the jackpot remained just one number out of reach for seven players who matched five main balls and one Lucky Star, they each took home substantially more than usually – over £1.7 million each! On Friday this prize tier could find themselves winning even more if a match 5 + 2 winner is not found because the Euromillions jackpot WILL be won on Friday as per the Jackpot Cap rules for the game.

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Health Lottery Versus Lotto Plus 5

by Charlotte Widmore August, 7 Aug 2012 23:23

Recent changes to the Health Lottery have seen the two lower prize tier amounts reduced substantially from £500 to £250 for matching just four numbers and from £50 to £20 for matching three main balls. Players participating in this game are charged £1 a ticket and for that they get one entry into one draw for a top prize of £100,000. We thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between the Health Lottery and the Lotto Plus 5 – what do you get for a £1 from each, which is better value?

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Euromillions Results for Tuesday 7th August 2012

by Charlotte Widmore August, 7 Aug 2012 19:19

As the UK continue to see a rise in the gold medals they are winning in the London 2012 Olympics tonight sees a Euromillions draw take place with a jackpot estimated at £148 million. Will someone go home with gold in their bank balance or is the jackpot going to roll for the 14th time? Here we take a look at the Euromillions results for Tuesday 7th August 2012; the numbers drawn, winners and cash jackpots for each of the 13 prize tiers. Will the ticket you have show the five main balls and two Lucky Stars to take home a life-changing amount of money? Remember, as the jackpot has reached an estimated €190,000,000 for Euromillions it is now capped, it cannot rise above this amount and anything over and above the cap produced from ticket sales is added to the next winning prize tier. For more information about the Euromillions Jackpot Cap, click here. Now for the Euromillions results for this evening....

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Euromillions Big Jackpot Winning Numbers

by Charlotte Widmore August, 7 Aug 2012 15:15

With an estimated £148 million in the Euromillions prize pool this evening and the Jackpot Cap reached we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the more recent big jackpot winners and what numbers were drawn to create these multi-millionaires. Of course we don’t expect to find the winning combination for our readers, but wouldn’t it be nice if we did? The last time the Euromillions jackpot cap was reached was on 8th July 2011 but there were no match five and two Lucky Stars on this draw. However, with the Cap in place the match five and one Lucky Star winners (all six of them) each took home over £3.3 million.

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Lottery Results for Saturday 4th August 2012

by Charlotte Widmore August, 4 Aug 2012 22:22

The UK Lottery results for Saturday 4th August 2012 may not have boasted jackpots that compete with that on offer in the Euromillions or across the ocean, the Powerball, but they still have life changing amounts of money on offer to players who have the right number combination on their tickets. Here we take a look at the lottery results for the Health Lottery, Thunderball and Lotto; the numbers drawn, winners and the prizes available in each of the three UK lottery games. Read on for all the information you may be looking for with regard to tonight's draws...

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Euromillions Jackpot Cap Reached

by Charlotte Widmore August, 3 Aug 2012 21:21

When the Euromillions first launched back in 2004 the original rules stated that the jackpot could not roll for more then twelve draws. However on 6th March 2009 these rules were changed and a Euromillions Jackpot Cap was put into place. This meant that once the jackpot reached €185,000,000 it was capped and any prize funds over and above this amount generated through ticket sales were added to the next winning prize tier. The jackpot cap was then increased by a further €5 million to €190 million. Later, in February 2012 the Jackpot Cap rules changed and here we look at what that means for players now the Euromillions Jackpot Cap has been reached.

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Euromillions Results for Friday 3rd August 2012

by Charlotte Widmore August, 3 Aug 2012 19:19

Tonight saw the first Euromillions draw for August and there was a pretty impressive jackpot up for grabs. After twelve consecutive rollovers the amount in the prize pool was estimated at £138 million but has the jackpot been won or has it rolled for the thirteenth time? The last time the jackpot rolled so many times it was finally won on 13th September 2012, on the 12th draw! Is this an omen for this evening? The jackpot for that draw was taken by a ticket sold in France and was for £140,822,522. Here we look at the Euromillions results for Friday 3rd August 2012, the numbers drawn, how many winners in each prize tier and those important draw numbers. Read on for all the information you need about tonight's Euromillions results.

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UK Lottery Results for Wednesday 1st August 2012

by Charlotte Widmore August, 1 Aug 2012 23:23

The UK Lottery results for 1st August 2012 may not have boasted quite the jackpot on offer from the Euromillions but the single winner on the Lotto won't be complaining this morning as they are now over £2.3 million richer! Today sees one of two Lotto match five plus the bonus ball prizes expire, a ticket purchased in the London Borough of Ealing for the draw of 4th February 2012 has a value of £130,853. Should the ticket holder not make a claim today then the winnings will be lost and added to the Good Causes prize fund so check and double check any old tickets you may have laying around, it could be you! Now for the UK lottery results for 1st August 2012...

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Unclaimed Lottery Prizes Expiring August 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 31 Jul 2012 22:22

It’s that time of the month again when we look at the lottery tickets set to expire in the coming month and this month it would seem Lotto players in February this year are the ones who are dipping out. As the UK still waits for the £63.8 million winner to claim their winnings and a further 21 Millionaire Raffle winners from Friday 27th July, what unclaimed lottery prizes are expiring in August 2012?

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Euromillions results for Tuesday 31st July 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 31 Jul 2012 19:19

As a number of Euromillions Millionaire Raffle winners have yet to step forward and claim their million pound prize each from Friday night's draw another draw has taken place this evening. The Euromillions results for Tuesday 31st July 2012 boasts an estimated jackpot worth £119 million after a run of eleven rollovers. Are we set to see a winner in this evening's draw or will the mammoth jackpot continue to roll? Read on for all the details about the draw..

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