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Many lottery draws make many winners, and many winners make plenty of lottery news, which is what we aim to bring you on these pages. There is hardly a week goes by without a news story about a big winner, good causes and unclaimed prizes and you can catch up on all the big stories here on our news pages. It is little wonder there’s so much news, with so many different lottery games being played each week. From the flagship Lotto and big Euro Millions draw to the smaller side draws like Lotto Plus 5 and Thunderball, there is news breaking every day and you can catch up with it all here.

Here you can keep track of all the upcoming rollovers and big draws and you can make sure you know what’s happening in the next few draws so you don’t miss any impressive jackpots. There’s also news about unclaimed prizes to keep track of too and we’ll often bring you reminders of prizes about to expire and winners who have not come forward to claim. When new games are launched and if the rules of any lottery change, we’ll bring you all of the details.

One of the things that make UK lotteries so special is the way the Good Causes Funds work. However, often players miss out on news and information about where their money goes and how it is donated. That’s why we aim to also bring you all the latest news covering deserving recipients in the charity field too, and the worthy projects funded by you, the lottery player.

Euromillions Results for Friday 6th July 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 7 Jul 2012 0:00

Last night saw a quadruple jackpot on offer for Euromillions worth a whopping £42,076,911 but was the jackpot won or has it rolled over again. To scoop this impressive amount of cash players across Europe simply had to match the five main balls drawn and the two Lucky Stars. For four draws now the numbers have not appeared on a single ticket but what have the Euromillions results for Friday 6th July 2012 revealed?

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Quadruple Rollover For Friday Euromillions

by Charlotte Widmore July, 6 Jul 2012 11:11

The Euromillions jackpot tonight is estimated at a whopping £42 million, an amount that we would all love to see in our bank account next week! We thought it would be interesting to have a look at the movers and shakers of the Euromillions numbers to see if we can’t help you have the winning numbers on your ticket this evening. The lottery statistics for all ball numbers, both main balls and Lucky Stars, are all available on the official National Lottery page but here we look a just the most common drawn in the Euromillions results since the game began.

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UK Lottery Results for 4th July 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 4 Jul 2012 21:21

On Saturday night five lucky players took a share of the £6.7 million rollover jackpot, which means the UK Lottery results for 4th July 2012 only boast an estimated £2.2 million for the Lotto draw. The Thunderball draw on Saturday also saw a top prize winner meaning this ticket holder is now £500,000 better off but what do the lottery results for the midweek draws have to offer tonight?

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Unclaimed Lottery Prizes Expiring in July 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 3 Jul 2012 20:20

As the UK still waits for the £63.8 million winner to come forward and claim their prize from the Euromillions draw on 8th June they still have until 5th December 2012 to come forward. However there are a number of unclaimed lottery prizes expiring in July and here we take a look at the details of these soon to expire winning tickets.

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Euromillions Results for Tuesday 3rd July 2012

by Charlotte Widmore July, 3 Jul 2012 20:20

Tonight saw the first Euromillions draw of July take place and it boasted a triple rollover jackpot of an estimated £32 million! Towards the end of this month there is to be a Mega Raffle draw where 100 Millionaire Raffle numbers will be drawn to thank players for their continued support but for now, let’s see what the Euromillions results for Tuesday 3rd July 2012 have revealed…

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UK Lottery Results for Saturday 30th June 2012

by Charlotte Widmore June, 30 Jun 2012 21:21

After being held up the Wimbledon Murray v Baghdatis game, the UK lottery results for Saturday 30th June 2012 were finally drawn just after 9.10pm this evening. With an estimated £6.7 million in the prize pool for Lotto and £500,000 for the Thunderball game, players were itching to find out if they held the winning tickets. Do you have one? Read on for more information about the UK lottery draws…

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Euromillions results for Friday 29th June 2012

by Charlotte Widmore June, 29 Jun 2012 21:21

The Euromillions results for Friday 29th June 2012 boasted an estimated jackpot of £26 million for UK players, €33 million for other European countries. The double rollover jackpot finally settled at £26,900,432 / €33,263,796 but was it won or has it rolled again for a triple rollover? All of this information, prize values and the numbers drawn are available when you click “Read More”.

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UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 27th June 2012

by Charlotte Widmore June, 27 Jun 2012 22:22

Tonight saw the penultimate Lotto draw for June and so far this month we have seen ten players home millions by winning the jackpots on offer this month. The UK Lotto results for Wednesday 27th June 2012 are now in but have the numbers drawn revealed a jackpot winner/s or will we see an estimated £6 million draw for Saturday night. Read on for all the details of the Lotto draw and the Thunderball results for the midweek draws.

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Non-sequential Millionaire Raffle numbers – an explanation

by Charlotte Widmore June, 27 Jun 2012 7:07

Many players in the UK who participate in the Euromillions lottery have asked us about the Millionaire Raffle numbers and why sometimes they are not sequential. It’s a popular misconception that a Millionaire Raffle number should begin with a different letter each week. For example tickets sold between Friday 22nd and Tuesday 26th June all began with the letter S; often players wrongly presume then that the draw for 26th June should produce a Millionaire Raffle number beginning with an S.

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Euromillions Results for Tuesday 26th June 2012

by Charlotte Widmore June, 26 Jun 2012 19:19

As we all wait for news of the missing UK multi-millionaire who has yet to claim their £63.8 million jackpot yet another Euromillions draw has taken place this evening. Whilst the jackpot is not nearly as impressive as the one that remains unclaimed there is still an estimated £17 million up for grabs so what have the Euromillions results for Tuesday 26th June 2012 revealed?

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