Euromillions lottery winIt’s been a week long newsfest of huge lottery winners, both the Euromillions lottery and the US Powerball lottery were won in a matter of days of eachother.  First the Euro millions winners were revealed and unlike initial reports it wasn’t two individual UK lottery winners but a 58 year old man form Newport and a group of seven IT workers from Merseyside who managed to scoop the massive £90 million Euromillions jackpot.  The massive lottery jackpot was split £45.5m each between the two winning tickets, making Les Scadding the largest lottery winner in the UK.

As if hearing about the massive Euromillions lottery win wasn’t excitement enough, in what seems almost a heartbeat yet another big winner was revealed this time in the United States.  The lucky winner in receipt of a magnificent $96.6 million, the Powerball lottery win was scooped by retired truck driver Don Damon in Kansas.  Looking pretty shell-shocked the lucky 70 year old Powerball winner and his wife revealed that they are also likely to buy a new house for themselves and their daughter and a trip to Las Vegas was also on the cards.

Les Scadding is going to treat himself to a brand new Range Rover car now that he has had his claim verified by the National Lottery Camelot Head office, which will be the first ever car that he has purchased form new. For both Les Scadding and Don Damon their massive lottery wins came as a relief as it will now enable them to clear off their debts.  Les had been unemployed for a year and according to a report in the Daily Mail was a little concerned that he was a ‘kept man’.  The huge Euromillions lottery win will now allow Les to have an almost worry free life and as he has had a struggle with cancer this is a rest that he now well deserves.