The Big Lotto Fund is currently launching a magazine in Wales that is free. This is being aided by the help of Big Issue Cymru. It is said that the lotto magazine will be given away free with the Big Issue this week and is hoped to help make people more aware of how they and their local communities are benefiting from National Lottery money.

The big lotto fund has revealed that they have invested £600 million in different projects across Wales since 1994. It is hoped that by making people more aware of some of the projects in this new magazine being launched, that National Lottery players will recognise where their National Lottery money is being spent and how it does help benefit a variety of really good causes.

Ceri Doyle, who is the Director of the Big Lotto Fund in Wales, has commented on this new magazine and said:


“Wales has benefited greatly from the National Lottery and we believe it’s important that all lottery players know exactly where their money is spent.

“Every Lottery ticket they buy is helping fund worthwhile projects in their area and we have produced this magazine to show them exactly where their money has gone. Whether they play the weekly Lotto or any other National Lottery game, or just watch the weekly draws, it’s good to know that 28 pence of every pound played goes towards good causes.

“I suspect people may be surprised to hear that some projects close to where they live have received Lottery Funding, but the truth is, with more than 22,000 projects funded across Wales, we all live within a stone’s throw of a project that has received an award of Lottery money.”