Arnim Ramdass Most married couples who were lucky enough to win a lottery jackpot would use the cash to make a better life for themselves and their family, looking forward to the adventures that their new found lottery jackpot winnings could give them.  Not so for a couple in America, Donna Campbell is about to be evicted from her home even though her husband Arnim Ramdass has a share of a $19m lottery win, and the reason for Donna’s dire situation is that her husband has disappeared with the lottery winnings.


Hired private detectives to hunt for husband

Arnim won his big lottery jackpot whilst playing the Florida Lottery in 2007 and tried to hide it from his wife immediately.  Donna Campbell was forced to try to secure a portion of the winnings through the courts as Arnim was not about to let her have a cent of his lottery jackpot.  Unfortunately for Donna the cad disappeared before the papers could be served on her errant husband and as such no further court action could be carried out.  Mr Ramdass has completely disappeared and although his estranged wife has borrowed money to hire private detectives no trace of the lottery winner can be found.

Eviction imminent

Mr Ramdass is a bit of a sweetheart as not only did he disappear with the multi million dollar lottery win but he also stopped paying the mortgage, cleared the furniture from the house that the couple had previously shared and for good measure removed the washing machine and tumble dryer. Unless the lottery winner can be found so that he can help with the mortgage payments then Donna will be evicted, which is ironic considering that she should be a very wealthy woman.  Donna said of the lottery win "Half the money is mine. Legally, we are still married".