We all dream of winning the lottery. And we can sometimes spend hours wondering what we would do with the money if our lottery numbers came up. Would we buy a house? A car? Or just blow it all on designer clothes and holidays abroad?

Well one lucky winner decided that as well as treating herself, she would use some of her winnings to help other people.

Jane Surtees from Whitby recently donated £5000 to a children’s charity. The charity helps dreams come true for children who are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Jane raised some of the money by asking her wedding guests to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation. And Jane used some of her lottery winnings to make the donation up to £5000.

Jane wanted to see what difference her donation was making so she spent some time with a boy who is fighting a muscle disease. He had his wish of attending the British Open golf championship come true through the charity.

Jane has loved being able to help others with her winnings and she says that winning the National Lottery has really changed her life. And if she keeps donating to charities, she’ll be changing other people’s lives too!