When we dream of winning the uk lottery, we immediately think of splashing the cash on mansions, fast cars and luxury holidays abroad.

But for some winners, despite their huge winnings burning a hole in their pockets, they simply can’t get out of their old spending habits.

And that seems to be the problem for couple Stan and Pat Cable who won £3.9 million on the UK Lotto.

Seventeen months after winning the money, the couple are still renting their council house which costs them £65 a week. But, the couple are planning on buying the home from the council.

The only things the couple are reported to have splashed out on are an 18 foot caravan and a four wheel drive car. Other than this, the couple have continued to live their lives as normal.

The couple’s tactics are a mystery to most people, who would have no problem in spending the cash in a matter of days. But perhaps they have some plans up their sleeves to splash the cash at a later date.