Most people believe that big winners of the national lottery would spend their millions on lavish houses, luxury cars and designer outfits.

But after winning an amazing £1.2million in 2008, Michael and Susan Crossland from Mirfield in West Yorkshire have recently revealed that they intend to spend their cash on something much more valuable.

The couple intend to use their winnings to help them accomplish their long time wish to become foster parents.

Although they have four children of their own, the Crosslands have always dreamed off offering a stable home to a foster child.

44 year old Susan said:-

“Two years ago my dad Barrie died of cancer and I took on his numbers.

On the anniversary of his death I’d get white feathers and knew it was a sign from him.

Last July it was the day after my birthday and around the time of the second anniversary of his death when we won.

Obviously we could have been silly, £1.2m is a lot of money, but it could quickly be frittered away.

But the best thing this has allowed us to do it, to buy a house with room that will allow us to foster.

It’s something we’ve always wanted to do but never had that extra bedroom.

Now we have we can’t wait to open our home to children.”

The winning couple also purchased a house for Susan's Mum so that she can live closer to her family.