Just a few weeks ago, Jane Surtees was facing a gloomy Christmas thanks to the effects of the credit crunch and a £163 phone bill.

Now, thanks to the National Lottery, the 48 year old Mother of 5 from Yorkshire is worth an incredible £7.5million and won't ever have to worry about her phone bills again!

Yet despite her win, thrifty Jane is determined to keep shopping at Primark and New Look.

She said:-

"I'll still be shopping in Primark and New Look. I love the clothes and I love a bargain. I'm from thrifty Yorkshire after all.

I'm not going to change. Sure, I'll have a little blast now and again but I'm going to stick with what I know and keep my feet on the ground.

I'd rather have an Archer's or a pint of Stella than a glass of champagne. I'm more of a Lambrini girl than vintage bubbly. And I'll carry on getting my hair done at Contemporary hairdressers in Whitby. Laura's been doing my hair there for years and years."

Jane is also determined not to spoil her children, Rachel 23, Richard 20, Naomi 12, Leona 11 and Jasmyn 7, and is adamant that they will continue to be raised knowing the value of money.

She explained:-

"I want the kids to grow up as normally as possible. They went straight back to school after the win because I don't want them to think they don't have to work for a living.

It's fantastic that their futures are secure and of course they'll have a decent place to live and nice holidays.

But I'm not going to give them handouts. I'm not going to be a constant supply of cash.

My kids will all know the value of money, especially when times are so tough for so many others in the country. My youngest three will stay in the same schools and they received the Christmas presents I'd already bought them from Argos."