Ticket price: £1

Number Matrix: 1 to 5 of 49, dependent on your selection

Draws: Wednesday and Saturday

Prize Tiers: Five

First Draw: 10th July 2002

Largest Jackpot: N/A

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If you're looking to check your ticket for a win then you can use our Lotto Hot Picks checker, just plug in your numbers and it'll tell you how much you've won - if you're lucky that is!

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Match Payout
1 number £5
2 numbers £40
3 numbers £450
4 numbers £7,000
5 numbers £130,000

Odds of Winning:

Balls Matched Odds of winning
1 number 1 in 9
2 numbers 1 in 79
3 numbers 1 in 922
4 numbers 1 in 14,126
5 numbers 1 in 317,815


The Lotto Hot Picks is a twice-weekly event and whilst there is not individual draw the numbers used are the same as the main Lotto selections, minus the Bonus Ball, meaning you can watch the BBC Lottery Show to check your numbers. All you need to do is check the main balls drawn in the flagship National Lottery draw, without the Bonus Ball and see if they match the 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers you have chosen for your Hot Picks selections. If you do wish to watch the show the midweek draw is televised just after 10.30pm and at the weekend the winning numbers are announced at around 8.45pm although these televised draw times are subject to change with the television schedule.

Should you miss the show the Lotto Hot Picks winning numbers will appear on our results page shortly after while each draw so you can check your numbers easily and see if you’re a winner.

Lottery players can also check past Lotto Hot Picks numbers using our simple results checker so you never need to worry about missing a prize in the future, though thankfully prizes for this game are quite rare.

How to Play:

Lotto Hot Picks is part of the main Lotto draw in the UK in that it uses the same results as those for the main game and doesn’t hold a separate draw. However, Hot Picks is completely different to all the other UK lottery draws in that you select how many numbers you wish to bet on.

As the Lotto Hot Picks is based around the flagship draw you are choosing numbers from 1 to 49 inclusive, all you have to do is decide how many to wager on. You can bet on 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 of the main balls in the Lotto draw (odds for the game are listed above). To win the stated prize all the numbers you have selected must appear within the six numbers of the Lotto draw. Prizes are fixed so you don’t have to worry about prize breakdowns, you’ll always know how much the prize is for matching the numbers in your selection.

As always we recommend Hot Picks tickets be purchased online for your safety and convenience but if you prefer buying your lottery tickets at the same time as buying your shopping then ensure that you sign the back of your tickets and keep them safe until you check the results.

General Information:

Betting on some of the numbers in a lottery draw had been popular in bookmakers for a while but the National Lottery was the first lottery company to ever incorporate this concept into an official draw game when they launched the Hot Picks draw in the summer of 2002.

This makes the game a unique lottery draw around the world and, as such, it is very popular with players combining what the National Lottery call ‘five games in one’ allowing players to choose their bet, and choose how many of six balls to bet on.

Although the Lotto Hot Picks is based around the winning lottery numbers from the main draw, unlike the Plus 5 draw you do not need to buy tickets for the main draw to take part in the game. The draw stands independently, simply using the same results to determine the outcome of each draw.

Odds of matching six of six balls to win the Lotto main draw jackpot stand at almost 1 in 14 million, yet the odds of matching five of the six main balls in the HotPicks draw are massively more generous at just over 1 in 300,000 and it’s these odds that make the Hot Picks a great bet, and incredibly popular too.

Claim Period:

As with all lottery draws in the UK, Lotto Hot Picks players have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim any prizes and, just like the Lotto rules, all prizes unclaimed within the allotted period will be handed to the Good Causes Fund.

Today the easiest, safest and most convenient way to buy lottery tickets is online, directly through the National Lottery website and that’s how we’d recommend you buy your tickets for the draw. There’s no worry or concern about unclaimed prizes or checking the results. If you’re a Hot Picks winner the National Lottery can transfer your winnings straight to your bank account and what’s more, they’ll even check the numbers for you.

Unclaimed Hot Picks prizes are fairly uncommon thankfully and that may be because many players elect to play online. However, there have been some notable big prizes unclaimed on the game, including a £130,000 jackpot that expired from the Gwynedd area of mid-Wales on 28th April 2011. That prize was handed over to Good Causes fund and benefitted many worthy causes throughout the UK.

To ensure you don’t end up on the unclaimed prizes list we recommend if you do buy paper tickets you sign the back of them immediately and check the Hot Picks results after every Lotto draw.