Ticket price: £1 but only available if you have bought Lotto tickets

Number Matrix: 6/49

Draws: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Prize Tiers: Five

First Draw: 10th February 2011

Largest Jackpot: £250,000 – standard top prize

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If you're looking to check your ticket for a win then you can use our Lotto Plus 5 checker, just plug in your numbers and it'll tell you how much you've won - if you're lucky that is!

Prize Tiers and Percentage Payouts:

Prize Tier Payout
Match 3 £2.50
Match 4 £25
Match 5 £250
Match 5 + Bonus £25,000
Jackpot £250,000

Odds of Winning:

Prize Tier Odds of winning
Match 3 1 in 56
Match 4 1 in 1,032
Match 5 1 in 55,491
Match 5 + Bonus 1 in 2,330,636
Jackpot 1 in 13,983,815

Overall odds per draw 1 in 53

Overall odds for 1 weeks play 1 in 10.1


The Plus 5 draw is a subsidiary draw that plays alongside the main Lotto game. Games take place every night there is no Lotto draw, so there are five a week, giving the draw its name. The Plus 5 draw isn’t televised daily, but if you do watch the BBC lottery shows then you can catch all the Plus 5 results at the end of the Saturday night lottery show at around 9pm.

If you buy lottery tickets online, which is probably the safest thing to do, then you don’t need to worry about your Plus 5 results as the National Lottery will check your tickets automatically and send you an email with ‘good news about your ticket’ if you win.

If you prefer to check your Plus 5 results daily then we will bring you the full results daily at around 8.00pm so you can keep track of all your lottery tickets day by day and know immediately if you’re a winner. If you wish to check the results for the entire week, you can use the results checker to check all past and archived lottery results.

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How to Play:

As the Plus 5 is a subsidiary draw then you can only take part if you’re playing the main Lotto game too. When you purchase your Lotto tickets simply select the Plus 5 option online, or mark it on your paper tickets and you will be included in the extra draw that takes place every day there is no Lotto draw.

Entries into the Plus 5 cost £1 per line plus the cost of your Lotto tickets but that includes entry into all five draws every day there is no Lotto draw. It’s these five entries on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that give the draw its name, Plus 5 and as it’s only £1 to take part, that works out at the equivalent of 20p a day to take part in the Plus 5.

There’s nothing else for you to do, your selections from the main Lotto draw will serve as your Plus 5 entries, so there’s no numbers to select or choose. Just check the Plus 5 results each day and see if you’re a winner. As the draw includes five entries you have a great chance of winning, just over 10/1 on the week, making the draw one of the most popular in the UK.

General Information:

The Plus 5 draw was introduced to the UK in February 2011, replacing the now defunct Dream Number draw. Like the Dream Number it replaced, the Plus 5 is part of the main Lotto draw in that you must participate in the main draw to buy tickets for the extra draw.

The Plus 5 draw is based on exactly the same format as the Lotto, using the same numbers as the numbers you chose for your lottery selections. That means odds of winning are identical, although multiplied by five in that you get 5 entries each week. Prizes however aren’t the same, each prize in the Plus 5 draw is fixed, which does mean you know exactly what you’ll win with each prize tier.

The Plus 5 addition to the Lotto means that you must check the lottery results seven days a week and that can be difficult to keep track of. That’s why we recommend you buy your lottery tickets online especially if you select the Plus 5 option. With an online lottery account you don’t have to worry about anything, you won’t lose your tickets and you can get all your tickets, results and winnings in just a few clicks, no matter which lottery draw you take part in.

Claim Period:

The claim period for all the UK Lottery draws is the same, 180 days. It’s almost 6 months, but we don’t recommend you wait this long before you check the Plus 5 results. If you buy your lottery tickets online, then you don’t need to worry too much, the National Lottery will send you an email if you’re a lucky Plus 5 winner.

If you do still buy paper lottery tickets then it’s imperative that you sign the back of your Lotto tickets and then check the Plus 5 results as soon as possible after each draw. If you have a winning ticket, keep it safe and cash it in as soon as possible.

For lower tier wins you can cash your Plus 5 ticket where you purchased it over the counter. Even if you’ve won up to £50,000 you may be able to claim this at a National Lottery Post Office by prior arrangement, but you will have to fill in a claim form. Any player lucky enough to win the Plus 5 jackpot will need to call the National Lottery hotline as soon as possible and arrange a representative to come to their home and arrange payment of the £250,000 winnings.

Unclaimed prizes on the Plus 5 have been uncommon, but there have been a few jackpots gone unclaimed. If you think you’re a winner, get your ticket checked as soon as possible.