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This native Joomla 2.5 module provides you with the latest UK National Lottery, Euro Millions and Health Lottery results in your Joomla powered website. You can see a demo of the module on the right hand side of this page. It's been designed to pick up the styling of the template that you use on your site, so should fit right in after the quick install.


Lotto Hideout is one of the premier UK Lottery portals and we spend a great deal of time and effort collecting the latest lottery results for our visitors and members. As such we decided to offer a simple widget that can be installed on other websites allowing their members to enjoy timely lottery results too.

All results are delivered via an xml feed which is cached by the module every 6 hours to ensure you always have the latest results (and our servers don't crash!). This feed is then parsed and displayed via a Joomla 2.5 view which is totally customisable via template overrides. This service is provided totally free and new results are published as soon as they become available.

The results that are available are Lotto, Euro Millions, Thunderball, Lotto Hotpicks, Plus5 and Health Lottery.

Version 1.2 of the Joomla 2.5 Lottery Results module can be downloaded here.
Version 1.2 of the Joomla 1.5 Lottery Results module can be downloaded here.


Module Parameters

There are a number of options for the module, these are all controlled via the Joomla module parameters interface as shown on the right.

You have the ability to select which of the six available results to display, all are displayed by default.

The last two options are regarding the buy tickets link. This link is to take visitors to the National Lottey site where they can purchase tickets. You can choose whether or not to display the link. If you choose to display the link then you may also wish to enter an affiliate link into the URL field, this will then be used enabling you to earn money if a visitor then goes on to purchase tickets online. For further information please see the National Lottery Affiliate details page.


If you require help in using the module, or you are receiving error messages, please contact us.


  • In order to use this module for free you are required to keep the link back to Lotto Hideout in the footer of the module.
  • Lotto Hideout logs accesses to the xml feed to ensure compliance of the terms. This data will not be shared with any other parties.
  • This module is released under the released under the GNU/GPL License.